Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Radio show recap: Long term effects of myeloma therapy on our bodies

The Cure Panel Talk Radio shows and support groups are fantastic. The latest topic was the long term effects of myeloma therapy on our bodies. It was hosted by my fellow myeloma warriors Pat Killingsworth, Gary Petersen, and Sandy Hirsch.  To listen to the show, click here:

Myeloma, while highly treatable, is tough to fight. It is time consuming and exhausting. I sometimes get tired with going to clinic every Friday. I get tired of getting my Thalidomide prescription filled every month. I get tired of filling one prescription after the next. I am tired of being fatigued. For example, I usually get my fatigue days on Sunday or Monday. But not this week. I felt great. But it hit me yesterday (Tuesday). I took two naps and it wasn't enough. It makes planning things difficult. And when I do make plans and I experience extreme fatigue, I push through it and carry on. But it is not fun and it takes the joy right out of the experience.

There are also real long term effects of these drugs. They cause secondary cancers, neuropathy, muscle loss, weight gain, and so much more. Many of the drugs are immune suppressing, so we are prone to illnesses and infections more than the general population. It takes courage and strength to fight this disease. Just a few days ago, I received a comment to an article I wrote for the site, 10 Things You Shouldn't Say to a Cancer Survivor:

So pleased I read your article today. It has given me the courage I needed to keep fighting this horrible disease. I am on maintinence treatment for multiple myeloma. After going through all the intense treatment I feel Lost, still suffering effects of the trial treatment it seems never ending, but what would happen without it? Thank you so much and all my best wishes to you. Beryl Torn
It is a long battle, but at least we have many weapons at our disposal. Lucky? In many respects, yes. And grateful.