Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cure Panel recap - Interview with Mayo Clinic's Dr Fonseca

On Monday, I was a panelist on Cure Panel Talk Radio where Dr Fonseca of Mayo Clinic discussed high risk Multiple Myeloma and its treatments. I actually met with Dr Fonseca in August 2012. He was my fourth opinion. At the time, I was seriously considering not doing my second transplant. My hair was growing back and I was healing from the first transplant. I really like Dr Fonseca and it's nice to have the connection when doing the show.

My question on the show was about maintenance therapy for high risk. Since my tandem stem cell transplants, my high risk markers are no longer detectable and, please God, don't let them ever reappear. But what would he recommend as far as maintenance therapy? During our appointment at Mayo, he said that if I was his patient, I wouldn't do the second transplant but I would do two years of maintenance therapy, which is no cakewalk. My new oncologist, Dr A, says maintenance therapy no more than 24 months. Dr Fonseca said that maintenance therapy for high risk could sometimes go on indefinitely if there was a residual amount of myeloma or more, but probably not if in full remission.

The survival stats for high risk haven't increased enough over the past few years and that must get better. A lot of new treatments and drugs in the pipeline, that is very promising.

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