Thursday, April 10, 2014

My latest Divorced Moms column: 15 Ways I'm Living My Authentic Life

My latest Divorced Moms column!

15 Promises To Myself: My Pact for Living A Happier Life
April 10, 2014
by Lizzy Smith 
I am sitting on my deck enjoying spectacular weather. It has inspired me to make a list of how I wish to live my life. It’s my pledge to myself. I haven’t mastered everything here. In fact I’m failing miserably in some areas. This is definitely a work in progress but at least I’m trying.

I will travel
Traveling is expensive but worth every penny. Every time I go somewhere new, I am reminded of how very big and diverse this world is, how different we all are, and how blessed I am. I appreciate life in new ways when I travel and it changes me as a person, sometimes in profound ways. I take my children with me on most trips because I want to raise them to be intellectually curious with a big view of the world. This is what makes life interesting and what makes people, in my opinion, interesting, too.

I will not be in a stagnant relationship
When one is married, I believe that it’s important to do everything possible to make it work. That said, sometimes it’s time to pull the plug. I pray for the wisdom in knowing when a relationship can’t (and shouldn’t) be saved and the strength to walk away when it gets to that point.

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