Thursday, April 24, 2014

Cure Panel Talk Radio Recap: Interview with Dr McCarthy of Roswell Park Cancer Institute

Yesterday, I was part of the Cure Panel Talk Radio show featuring Dr. McCarthy, Director of the Blood & Marrow Transplant Program at Roswell Park Cancer Institute, and a Professor of Oncology. Dr McCarthy offered a fascinating view on clinical trial data to select best treatment options for myeloma patients. Participating in clinical trials is critical for cancer patients. It is the way new drugs and treatments (and cures!) are developed. Without patient participation, advances cannot be made. Thankfully, myeloma has realized more advancements in the treatment of the disease than any other cancer. Clinical trials feature the latest (or even better) treatments available. Oftentimes, insurance will cover the cost of treatment. Even more often, clinical trial drugs and testing are free to the participant. Clinical trials are not about placebos or about making guinea pigs out of patients.

And thank you to my amazing fellow myeloma warriors and fellow panelists Gary Petersen, Cindy Chmielewski and Jack Aiello. While I wouldn't wish cancer on ANYONE, there are amazing blessings that have come from my illness. Meeting such incredible people is one of them.

To listen to the recap, click here: