Tuesday, April 15, 2014

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Maria Shriver
By Divorced Moms / A Woman's Experience /

An Interview With My (Very Smart) Teen Daughter: What I Learned

This article by Lizzy Smilez originally appeared at DivorcedMoms.com.

Girls and middle school are a bad mix. They can be so vicious and catty to each other that it boggles the mind. I remember those years all too well and, yikes. And now that I have a teen daughter of my own (and another on her heels), just watching her try to navigate these difficult years gives me nightmares. I’m doing my best to crawl inside her head and understand what’s going on in there so I can be a better mom. How do I motivate her, help her, support her, and keep her safe?

In general, we are really close. We talk a lot, spend loads of time together, and I try to listen. I do my best not to lecture and preach. I want her to know that, no matter what, I will always be her biggest ally, fan and champion.

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Your Tango

Women, Watch Out: 5 Types Of Men That Are Bad News
By , Lizzy Smith
couple on a date           
Is it important to avoid men who are trouble?
The obvious answer is yes! For me, re-entering the dating scene after I split from my husband was quite the experience. I fell hard and fast for my first boyfriend. When we broke up and I had time to reflect on "us", I realized he was none of the things I was looking for to begin with. In fact, he had some pretty big flags (see below). How did I let that happen?

Lizzy, 46
I love my hair, now that it’s back after chemo and two stem cell transplants.