Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Our Spring Break diary

Last week was Spring Break. We had originally planned to drive up to South Dakota and see Mt Rushmore but the weather was terrible so we cancelled the trip. I was bummed because the rest of our summer is so scheduled and busy that we won't have another chance for a long time. So how to fill in the time? We did fun things from home...

Day 1: Trampoline Park - The girls and their friends jumped at the indoor trampoline park for hours while William and I went shopping. Afterwards, we went out for pizza.

Day 2: Roller Skating - I dropped the girls off for four hours and had time to myself. Whooohoo! I should have scheduled a massage and facial but instead, I hit the shops. I found gorgeous brown go go boots that were originally $695 that were "almost free." It almost made the whole "not going to South Dakota" thing worthwhile. Later we went to a movie and gorged on popcorn.

Day 3: This Is The Place Park - We spent the entire day at the This Is The Place Park. I love it there! It's right across the street from the Hogle Zoo and it has spectacular views.

Day 4: Clinic Appointment - It was my Aridia injection day plus my general chemo injection so I was at clinic for almost six hours total. I actually don't mind it too much. I took my book and laptop, got some lunch, and sat back and relaxed. While I was at clinic, Morgan and Siena were off hanging out with their friends.

Day 5: Zoo - Since we have zoo passes, it's always a no-brainer to go hang with the wild animals for the day. Plus we get out in the fresh air, which makes me a very happy camper.

Day 6: Hockey Game! I haven't been to a hockey game in years and this was fun and different.

On Sunday, I taught Sunday School to five year olds. We talked about Palm Sunday, the beginning of Holy Week, the role of women in Jesus' ministry, and the Easter Bunny. We also talked for about three minutes about baptism, which was supposed to be our topic of the day. Unlike other nice Mormon girls, I go off topic all the time and talk about whatever I feel like. It usually works better for the little ones.