Monday, April 21, 2014

An Easter to forget

Easter is my favorite time of year. And I had all kinds of plans for our Easter Sunday. We were going to sleep in a bit, let the kids search for goodies from the Easter Bunny, then hit up mass at St Madeline's, followed by brunch. Why mass for this Mormon girl? Because I find Easter services at Mormon churches typically disappointing and pathetic.

Anyhow, none if it happened. It was all sort of a disaster.

First, Siena was so excited about Easter, that she woke up at 5:00 AM ready to search for Easter eggs. Oh my gosh. After searching for eggs, she then had a total meltdown afterwards because she was tired and cranky. Ugh.

My parents went to The Spoken Word at Temple Square and wanted to meet up for brunch in Salt Lake. But because they were done so early, they couldn't make the brunch reservation that I made at Market Street Grill. William couldn't go at all-- he had shoulder surgery earlier in the week and he was sick and uncomfortable. So the girls and I picked up my brother, Ryan, and we met at Little America and had brunch there. It wasn't very good but it was very expensive. Hotel brunches on Easter? I don't recommend.

And then my dad and I just got into it. I try to avoid talking about anything related to Mormonism with him but sometimes it just happens. The conversation started out innocent enough. I talked about how much I loved Holy Week and my dad asked where I get my sources for information related to Holy Week. And because I get none of my sources from the official Mormon church, it just wasn't ok, in his opinion. And in my opinion, the Mormon church leaves everything so basic that, well, I wouldn't learn much about Holy Week from official church literature and pubs.

Which makes me anti-Mormon, if you ask my dad.

Which makes me like the church less and less because of what they've done to my dad. The ultimate defender of the faith. Is this what the Mormon church does to its True Believers? I'm not happy about it.

So after a heated debate, I finally just left brunch with the girls. We went to St Madelines but mass didn't start for two more hours and I was exhausted because Siena woke up so dang flippin early. So we went home, took a nap, William made grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner, I got Siena in bed before 8PM, and watched Mad Men.

And there was my favorite holiday of the year. It sort of sucked.

It's a new week and I'll kick it off by... spending an hour on the phone with my Utah attorney! That's ok, I actually love my Utah attorney. Just moving forward-- with one lawsuit after the next. Keeps things rather entertaining. As soon as I'm able, I'll share details.

I'm just in a "mood." I realize that this is the longest stretch I've gone without a real vacation in... well... decades. And I'm so dang tired of the routine. I'm tired of school, homework, early bedtimes for the girls, helping with homework, homework, and homework. I'm tired of getting the girls to school, driving carpool, making lunches, making breakfasts, getting up early... I NEED A BREAK!!! Five more weeks til school is over and we are on a plane for Italy. I try to savor every day but I just can't wait for school to be done done done!

Happy Monday!