Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Latest Divorced Moms column is out! My Ex is Like John Edwards!

My latest article on Divorced Moms is ready for your reading pleasure. Enjoy! I don't usually post comments to my articles because you readers can find them but I'm making an exception. After reading, here's what one posted.

First of all, you look great.  You came through and he's still a loser.  Second, he's going to hell.  I don't know if I believe in heaven or hell, but if there is one, he will be there with Hitler, serial killers, etc. to play with.  Third, if it turns out that there is reincarnation, he will be a cockroach.  He is a bad, bad person and doesn't appear to have many redeeming qualities.  He's going to end up alone.  Hope your girls are okay.

My Ex is Like Former Pres Candidate John Edwards. Only worse.
by Lizzy Smith                     
April 14, 2014
john edwards.jpgI just read an article about John Edwards, the former Presidential candidate and US Senator. Bunny Melon, a weatlhy donor to his campaign, died and the family refused him entry to the funeral. This man makes my skin crawl. Seriously, is there a bigger asshole in the entire world than him? The answer is yes (but I’ll get to that part in a bit). Let’s talk more about John first.

In case you missed it, John’s wife, Elizabeth, had breast cancer and eventually died from the disease. It came out prior to her death that he had an affair with Reille Hunter and had fathered a child. (No need to discuss this bitch who had an affair with a married man whose wife was sick.) John claimed the affair and pregnancy happened while Elizabeth was in remission. At least John stood by Elizabeth during her horrible treatments and supported her through the end, I guess. Does that make him a good guy? Of course not-- pretty much everyone agrees that he's a complete and total asshole.

But Rob the Great (Alcoholic) is worse
But my ex husband, Rob the Great (Alcoholic), can run circles around John Edwards when it comes to the asshole factor. Keep reading...