Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Name dropping from the Sundance Film Festival & the Mia Love for Congress Campaign

The Sundance Film Festival is in full swing and this year, it was time to check it out. So on Saturday, we spent most of the day in Park City. And, oh my, was it was jam packed with people.

We had to park at the Yarrow Hotel-- quite a nice hotel in Park City that William and I have stayed in on one of our monthly staycations-- and take the free shuttle to Main Street. As soon as we started walking around, I recognized my first celebrity.

And we start off with our Mad Men story! And, I will add, this is the best show on TV. Period.

First, you have to know that I'm obsessed with Mad Men. I literally haven't missed a single episode. The writing and character development is phenomenal. I love Don Draper, and Peggy, and strong and stoic Joan, and asshole Peter and, yes, my favorite is Roger Sterling. I actually love every single character, even annoying Megan. And the fashion? It is fabulous and dreamy and I want to own mostly every article of clothing those lovely ladies wear. I dig the home décor. I really should have been around in the 60's because I would've loved rocking the groovy hippie girl look, for real. So anyway, I look ahead and I see a shock of white hair and I just knew that... there was Roger Sterling! (Roger is the guy with the white hair pictured above). His character is so well developed. And, besides, I loved him on Allie McBeal and Desperate Housewives, and on commercials. Did I tell you that I LOVE HIM?

"Hey, Mom, it's Roger from Mad Men!" My mom almost feinted. "Come on!" I dragged her over to him. "Excuse me, but we really love you on Mad Men. We are huge fans and I really would love to take a photo with you and my mom. Please? She really is your biggest fan." I begged.

"Sure, but make it quick please." Oh for sure. So I snapped a good one. My mom was ecstatic. Actually, she was more than ecstatic. Can you tell?
Photo: Look who we ran into at the Sundance Film Festival just now- Roger Sterling from Mad Men!!!!
Yay for us! First celebrity we found as we have proof! (why are we so dang excited when we see a celebrity? Because I've seen many, many, many and I still get excited when I run into one.)

...But that's not all!

We ran into that guy from The O'Reilly Factor on Fox News-- Waters World or something like that. In fact, we watched him film a segment that was on The O'Reilly Factor on Monday, which included the segment we watched film. And right afterwards, he graciously posed for a photo with Morgan. He was so nice and approachable with a big warm smile. And he is really handsome and commands a room well. He is just eye catching.

And then we saw Jerry from Parks & Recreation, one of the funniest and freshest shows on TV. He was very nice and chatty. Coolest guy!

And then we also ran into this guy (who I love) from Bridesmaids, one of the funniest movies in a very, very long time. I actually watched this movie for the first time on a flight from Paris to Salt Lake City and I thought I was going to pee my pants. I was laughing out loud. It was the funnest two hours I've ever had on a long transatlantic flight like that!

And we saw this guy from Freaks & Geeks-- the one on the far right (remember that show? I loved it! This cast has/is still going places!), Samm.  Anyhow, he still does a ton of stuff, like Inglourious Basterds, Entourage, Modern Family, NCIS, and How I Met Your Mother. Plus a whole lot of other stuff. I see him all over the place.
Freaks and Geeks tv show photo

The only drag about our outing is that finding somewhere to get dinner was a nightmare. Many of the restaurants were closed for private functions. Many of the restaurants had lines out the door. We finally ate at O'Flannagan's on Main Street and it was pretty good and our waiter rocked it even though it was insanely busy. Home run on food! A bit pricey but, hey, when you're so hunger that you're ready to start eating your children's arms, you're happy with just about anything.

And then last night, I took the girls to meet Mia Love, who will most certainly be our new Representative in Congress. I am telling you, I love this woman (no pun intended-- get it? Her name is Mia Love). She is so nice, warm, engaging and sincere. And, best yet, she's pragmatic, smart, articulate and has star power. If she can appeal to a centrist (and sometimes liberal) voter like me, along with a very conservative base, well then, I think she has a bright and exciting future ahead of her. So we went to campaign headquarters and met with her again. I was flattered that Mia brought her husband over to meet me and she had already told him about my story. True, we did have a two hour discussion but that my story resonated enough that she told her husband as awesome. I do feel my story is powerful and I am on a quest to share it with others. We also met her awesome children. Mia will, once elected, be the first African American woman Republican to ever serve in the House of Representatives. Go Mia!
Photo: At Mia Love open house! Off to Congress, I can feel it!

Check out what they're saying about her.

I hope she gets elected and I'll do whatever I can in my very small way to spread the word. Vote for Mia!

As fun as this has all been lately, it was time to get back to work. That means: meeting up with my friend "Myeloma Jenny" and helping her edit the upcoming web site that will be "all things in the world of Myeloma", writing an article about my story and shop it around to the bigger pubs-- how I left an abusive marriage, nearly lost my health insurance then got it back, fought my disease, got new health insurance under Obamacare's Affordable Care Act (a story all its own) and, while working very well for me, the pitfalls and how my plan is simply not affordable for a vast number of Americans. I'll be shouting out that article when I'm done from the hills. Because healthcare is too important to remain silent and do nothing.

I went to Bikram Yoga tonight simply because I needed to calm down and get my head in the game. Be focused. Be calm. Be present. Concentrate. Press forward. But with purpose. My health is holding up. Still have chemo brain. But this week, my energy level has been good. Except Monday I needed a nap. And I had major fuzzies this afternoon. I had to spend couch/TV time for about a half hour until that awful sensation went away. And that's when I knew-- I must attend yoga now. So I did. I'm ready to face the world. Tomorrow anyway.