Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cure Panel Talk Radio Recap: A Chat with MMRF

The Cure Panel Talk Show

It's been awhile since I've written about Myeloma. Instead, I've been talking more to the divorced community. Sometimes, I get so tired of talking about Myeloma that I just need a break. It's always heavily on my mind, though. How can it not be? Everything I do, say, eat and breathe has something to do with Myeloma.

So I'll start writing about Myeloma more in the near future. After all, next week, I'll have a very exciting announcement. I've been working extensively with my friend Jenny, fellow Myeloma warrior and a champion of Myeloma causes. She is my inspiration. Anyway, I'll fill you in on the details in a few days but I can hardly wait.

That said, the latest Cure Panel Talk Show is ready for your listening On the show, the Cure Panel talked to the Anne Quinn Young of the MMRF, which has some interesting and exciting news to share about the latest in MMRF initiatives, Community Gateway, big data and more. To listen in, click here: