Friday, January 3, 2014

Making my "Dream Guy" List (aka Searching for my Renaissance Man)

My latest Divorced Moms column is out!

Making my "Dream Guy" List (aka Searching For my Renaissance Man)                      

By Lizzy Smith, Contributor - January 04, 2014                
Lizzy2.pngWhen I started dating again, I wanted to ensure that I made a better choice in selecting a partner than I did the last time. Simply looking for a guy that was the polar opposite of my ex husband wasn’t enough. Oftentimes, we women divorce one guy only to marry another just like him. I vowed that this wouldn’t happen to me.

So one day as I was journaling, I started making a list of the traits I was looking for in my new mate. I wanted to find a good man. But what did a good man look like (for me)?

It was time to brainstorm.

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