Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My life's path

I just finished having a very fun and productive lunch with my friend K. Together, we are going to help women live better, more productive, and healthier lives. I am excited. I feel empowered and optimistic today.

So after a little thought (like 30 minutes of thought), I am putting together my life's goal. I have found my passion and sharing and helping others is what matters to me.

So my goals are:

1. Helping other domestic abuse victims. I want to help others recognize abuse and find the courage to leave it behind. I will accomplish this by writing and speaking publicly about my experiences.

2. Health (emotional, physical and spiritual): There is a powerful mind-body connection and conventional medicine is just one small piece of it. I will help others achieve their optimal health in any way I can. I will do this by writing on my blog, participating in radio programs, attending and organizing seminars, and practicing what I preach.

3. Making a difference in the cancer community: Helping other cancer warriors, their caregivers and their families to beat this disease is imperative. We warriors are so much more powerful than we think and, in many cases, we can work in tandem with the medical community to achieve maximum results.

4. Healthcare: Other than food and shelter, there is nothing more important than having access to quality healthcare. Hence the need for good health insurance. In this country, we are at a critical juncture in the healthcare debate and I want to make sure my story is told loud and often. So share I will! I will continue meeting with political leaders, writing, and speaking about my story.

I feel like now that I've shared this with you, I am on a mission. Firmly. Moving forward.