Wednesday, January 15, 2014

He's been served!

Well this was fast and unexpected timing. My ex husband, Rob, was served last night with the next phase of our legal battle. The divorce is final. Rob has still not paid me any of the funds he owes me, which I wrote about just a few days ago. That is being pursued on a different level (apparently, Rob loves to fight it out in courts, but that's ok, I'm used to the bullying and I can handle it). And now that the he has been served with the next phase of our legal drama, I can now share a little with my readers.

First, a little background...

Rob and I adopted out daughter, Siena, together from Russia. Rob never made it onto the birth certificate, which I will write about more in depth in the next few days when I have more time. But the main reason he didn't end up on the birth certificate was that in order to adopt from Russia, one must be married for two years before starting the paper work. So we adopted with me being the only one on the adoption decree. The agreement between us (and thank goodness I have several emails to prove this and the testimony of our adoption agency) was that we would re-adopt the child together once we were back in the USA with her.

We brought Siena home in July 2008 and within a few weeks, we went to an adoption attorney and had the paper work drawn up. But then Rob refused to sign. It would cost us over $1,000 and Rob didn't think we could afford it after spending so much money on the adoption. He promised to never abandon Siena or not take care of her.

Of course, Rob did both of those things. And, therefore, I have filed a "Breech of Contract" suit against him. We debated long and hard over which state to file in and we decided Utah was best. But I also have a California law firm that specializes in these matters that is ready to also file a "Paternity Suit" in California should that become necessary and I have to say, this law firm is amazing and I trust them completely. California has some very favorable laws on the books for people in my situation. If I need to "go there", I certainly will.

But, for now, we are filing in Utah and I also love the law firm I'm working with now. I think they are fantastic and, if any of you are in Utah, I encourage you to give them a call if you're in need. It's the Reason Law Firm at 801-915-4700. They are honest, responsive, competent, and very aggressive. I trust them completely.

I'll share more over the months ahead how things progress without sharing anything that isn't approved first by my attorney.

Over the next few days, I will blog more about finalizing the adoption. But if you'd like to read about the beginning of our adoption journey, click here.