Monday, January 20, 2014

Two fabulous radio shows! Mpatient Radio (new ways of treating myeloma); and Cure Panel (nutrition & supplements during cancer treatment & beyond)

Last Friday, I participated in two fantastic myeloma radio shows.

The first was mpatient radio, topic: What can you do when your myeloma medication is no longer working? Dr Jatin Shaw described the best new approaches to overcome drug resistance and a host of treatment alternatives.

To read the transcripts or listen to a rebroadcast of the show itself, click here. After listening in and asking my own question, I felt incredibly optimistic for the future of myeloma. We have a long road but I do believe the future is bright. There are so many ways to treat this disease with many more treatments in the pipeline. That is all good news in the fight against myeloma.

The Cure Panel Talk Show

The second radio show was Cure Panel's Talk Radio. The topic was nutrition and supplements during cancer treatment and beyond. I could have listened to this segment for another few hours. To listen to the re-broadcast, click here. I am a huge fan of doing my part (beyond taking lots and lots and lots of drugs given to me by my oncologists), which means eating right, taking the right supplements, managing stress levels with Bikram yoga, massage and meditation, using essential oils, and anything else that might work. There are so many "alternative" approaches that it's really super hard to find credible options to try.

If I remember correctly (and chemo brain often fails me), there are the essential take-aways:

The No's
1. No red meat
2. No dairy
3. No sugar

The Yes'
1. Exercise 30 minutes a day
2. Manage stress levels (yoga and meditation and writing/blogging are good sources)
3. Supplements are good in the right doses. Turmeric seems to be a good things to take for those fighting many of the cancers. I am taking turmeric supplements. My oncology centers discourages but everything I've read seems to be a good option. So I prayed about it and swallow a supplement a day, with the exception of the day I get Velcade.
4. Cold water fish is good, like salmon, cod and others

So much more that I can't remember, so listen up- I think you'll love to learn more.