Thursday, August 7, 2014

My amazing parenting skills last night

Last night, my Dear Morgan really pissed me off. First, we spent a really fun day at the new Aquarium. It wasn't cheap. $50 to get in plus we got lunch. We had a great time together.

We got home, I cooked up some dinner, and then I reminded Morgan that we had to pack her up for Youth Camp (she left this morning). She was in her room lying on her bed. I pulled out a sleeping bag, pillow, water bottle. There was Morgan, still lying on her bed.

"Morgan, I want to be done tonight soon, too, and I can't do it if we don't pack you up," I said.

"I know, Mom, I've got it, I've got it," she said in that 14 year old snotty voice.

That set me off (and I'm not even taking Dex until tomorrow!). "And you need to vacuum. I've asked you every single day for a week."

"I've been busy," she said in protest.

"You've been busy? You wake up at noon, you're not ever ready until two in the afternoon. And you have no time to vacuum?" I was seething. "Pack yourself up NOW and vacuum pronto. You're on your own."

"Fine, I've got it, I've got it."

"Give me your cell phone," I said. She handed it over. "Don't even ask me for it until Sunday. It's mine. You are taking Siena's phone with you to camp as a backup. I'm not taking you to Subway to pick up lunch for tomorrow. And I'm not taking you anywhere to get snacks for the drive tomorrow. Pack your own stuff up."

At this point, Morgan thought better than to open her Big Fat Mouth and challenge me anymore. Tw hours later, Morgan asked if we could talk. She didn't know why she was mouthy. She didn't mean to be. Can't I be like (my BFFs) Julie and Shane who just yell at their kids and then don't carry through on any of their consequences?

Gosh no! I am a parent. Good parents give their kids consequences and they don't back off.

And then 30 minutes later, I told Morgan in my very big Lizzy Stern Voice, "Get your shoes on and get in the car." She was surprised. Oh no, now what? I could see it in her eyes. We got in my car, I stopped by her friend's house and called her mom to send her out. When Shelby was in the car, I told them that I was taking them to Walmart and they had $11 to buy snacks for the next day so plan together and buy wisely. Yay! They were so excited. We stopped by Starbucks and got their new hand-crafted sodas (yum), and then I dropped Shelby off at home. I then gave Morgan an option: sleep with me since it was our last night together for three days and get her phone back, or sleep in her own bed and take Siena's basic phone with her.

Really? Morgan almost shouted for joy. We watched TV, talked in bed, and bonded. It was a fun end of the evening.

Hey, I did not get her Subway for lunch the next day. Instead I made her a lunch. I did stay firm on one consequence, right?

Yes, consistency is not my strong point as a parent. I'm a total push-over. Any my kids know it.

Bad Mom, I am.