Wednesday, August 6, 2014

I have quite a back story now (thanks to one tiny little diagnosis)

Last week, an editor of sorts contacted me after reading my blogs and articles. We spent quite some time chatting about my background, my story, and my life today. I talked a lot about what inspires me and my purpose in life, my greatest passions, and where I see myself going from here.

As of January 1, 2012, my life was one of an overworked mom in a horrible marriage working too many hours at the office and way too many hours once I got home. But the very next day, my life took a dramatic change. That was the day I underwent a battery of tests and I also had my husband removed from the home be police. It was the day of our official separation. I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma just four days later.

...Which now gives me quite a back story. The person I spoke with was stunned with my story. Stunned that my husband would dare spit in my face after I got home from getting scanned for tumors. Stunned that he would call me a thief, liar and drama queen. Stunned that he would threaten to cancel my health insurance if I left him. Stunned that he told a whole host of people that I wasn't sick and that I should just get my lazy ass back to work. And since then, my fight to get well at the same time also fighting my husband in court as I sought to end our horrific marriage, my life has been one of hope, renewal, recover and repair. Where do I go from here? To continue making a difference in the lives of others. Whether it is of entertainment value, or others who have survived (or are trying to survive an alcoholic home), or who are fighting a disease, who knows?

One thing I absolutely love about this blog is the opportunities that it has opened for me. Thanks to this blog, I got on Twitter. I met Jenny and I get to help her with the Myeloma Crowd efforts. We have been on radio programs, TV shows, and featured in print articles. I have been on radio shows. I have become a Featured Writer on Divorced Moms. I have been published by the Chicago Tribune, Huffington Post and Maria Shriver. And this is just the beginning. I have nearly 100,000 readers at Divorced Moms alone.

I am so grateful today for all the blessings that have come from my illness, from my survival through my marriage and thriving post divorce. I hope my story inspires, entertains or has value out there. It is quite a story. Perhaps there really was a reason for all of this. Did the hand of God have something to do with this? I chose to think yes.