Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A note from the alcoholic ex hubby on peace and truth

Text Box: Text Box: Today I actually looked at a check my ex-husband, Rob the Great (Alcoholic) deposited into my account. Here it is. It says: Honesty will set you free. Hope you find peace.

What a nice note! Yes, honesty has set me free. Peace is a tough one and I work on that every single day. I try to help my children find peace every day. The damage this man has caused to two innocent children in unimaginable. It is most unfortunate when adults target children, but when you're an alcoholic, normal thought processes and decisions aren't typical. I'll be writing extensive blog posts about this man and his enormous failures as a father and as a human. I'd write about them now but we are still in the midst of a court battle on this one. But when it wraps up, I'll be sure to share.

As for me? I have made peace with the demise of my marriage. I will never make peace with the terrible toll it took on my health. For that, I will struggle with cancer for the rest of my life.

One step at a time. That's my motto.