Tuesday, August 19, 2014

And we're off to a great start!

The last day of our summer, or at least the last day of our summer before the girls started school, went fabulously busy. I took Morgan to soccer at 7:30 in the morning (gross) and hit up Starbucks and wrote my Divorced Moms article while sipping coffee and trying to wake up. I was so incredibly tired that I wanted to curl up into a ball and go back to sleep. Alas, the largest coffee Starbucks sold perked me up.

Afterwards, I dropped off Morgan and picked up Siena and went to the Post Office to renew her passport, which expired in March. I absolutely hate renewing passports so ecstatic that I crossed that off my list.

I picked up Morgan and the three of us girls went out to lunch. I took Morgan to get her hair extensions (love)...

 and Siena and I made dinner. From scratch. Yum!

We packed lunches, the girls took showers, picked out clothes for Day 1 of school, assembled backpacks, and went to bed at a reasonable hour. I snuggled up with both of them to chat and say goodnight. It was awesome and please, Lord, during the school year, let most days be like that one.

It was seriously a busy, errand-filled, yet perfect day. This morning, I got up early, made a healthy breakfast for the girls and got them off to carpool...

and got to my photo shoot right on time (here I am driving to the studio).

I met up with Jenny, my fellow myeloma warrior, and we talked up all kinds of stuff about the myeloma world. I "met" on Facebook another myeloma warrior who runs marathons. He was a runner when he was diagnosed. It was one of his first symptoms-- not being able to fun and getting too easily winded (me too!). While he was in the midst of transplant and was hospitalized, he dragged himself out of bed and walked stairs and hallways because he couldn't run outside. Since then, he walked and made it to running, albeit slowly. OMG, I want to run again SO BADLY. Maybe he can be my mentor and HELP ME. Power walks are NOT the same as running! I have an interview scheduled with him tomorrow evening. I will write an article about this amazing man. Afterwards, I am rushing off for a date with "Butterfly Man." Not to talk him up too much because who knows? Maybe I won't like him all that much, but so far, he has helped awakening my amorous side. For that, I adore him.

And soon it's off to get Siena to bed. If I could only bottle up her energy. She has the energy of ten two-year-old children, God Bless Her.

And that's all for now. This myeloma warrior is feeling terrific today, thank goodness. After a tough Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I deserve it.