Sunday, August 3, 2014

Divorced Moms column: Should we conduct background checks on Mr Wonderful?

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Should We Conduct a Background Check on Mr Wonderful?
by Lizzy Smith                    
August 03, 2014
Here are a few stories that make my toes curl. All are true, though names have been changed to protect their identities:

-Lori met a guy, fell fast and hard in love, and they quickly married. Less than two years later, he’s in jail for molesting her six year old daughter. Turns out, he had prior arrests for sexually assaulting his sister and elder abuse.

-Lisa’s boyfriend served time in prison years prior to their meeting for bribing corporate officials and gaining unfair advantage in the bidding process. He also claimed to have a successful land development business that he turned over to his oldest daughter to manage. She was so good at it that he only needed to check in every several months to see how it was going (and collect big checks that the business was raking in). Turns out, that business doesn't exist at all.

-Jack married his wife and less than two months later, found out that she had several other ex-husbands and a past that was shocking. He had her removed from his home and filed for divorce days later.

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