Thursday, August 21, 2014

I'm the poster child for a cancer survivor (!?) Best compliment EVER (unfortunately)

 Today I am at clinic getting my weekly injection of Velcade. I took my Dex this morning. And my PA said, "You are the poster child for a cancer survivor! You get chemo and you have cancer and look at you! You're doing great, you look fantastic, you don't look sick at all."

This compliment really mattered to me. It made my day. Awesome.


I WISH I would never need to hear this compliment. The whole C word sort of ruins it. Except does it? Life brings us all sorts of surprises, some great, some awful, and everything in between. All we can do is react to those curveballs in the best way possible. I'm trying!

At least these days, it's all me. No wig, no fake eyelashes, no eyebrows drawn in with a pencil. For better or worse, I'm authentic.