Thursday, April 30, 2015

Staying healthy this summer. 15 tips for having the best summer EVER!

Since last summer I got sick on my vacation in Italy-Croatia-Turkey-Greece and it was not fun, I've decided to go on a mission to be healthy all summer long. I've scoured all my sources for the best tips and I've narrowed it down to 15. The tips are appropriate for everyone, children, adults, cancer survivors... To great health and an amazing summer.

Cheers, Lizzy

15 Tips For Staying Healthy During Summer Months
by Lizzy Smith                    
April 30, 2015
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Fotolia_82356258_XS.jpgWhat is one of the biggest joy-crushers during the summer? Getting sick. Instead of sending your children off to camp, enjoying your summer vacation to its fullest, or hanging at the beach, you're managing backup childcare or staying home with a box of Kleenex and soup. Sound like fun? Of course not. But with a few precautions, you can minimize your and your children's odds of catching a cold.
  1. Air out your home! After a winter of closed doors and stagnant air, let fresh air inside. Open windows and doors. Clean and dust. Wash your sheets, comforters and linens. For an added pick-me-up, add some fresh candles or essential oils to make your house smell delicious. Make sure to do the same for your children's bedrooms. Have them help you out and make it a fun experience. (I just finished up a huge cleaning of my nine-year old daughter's room and I was a little horrified at some of the things I found hiding under the bed-- like a partially eaten sandwich.)
  2. Use sunscreen at all times. Never leave home without applying sunscreen on you and your children. Don’t forget about your ears, lips, and the tops of your feet! This should actually be part of your routine-- brush teeth, mascara, sunscreen. Always carry sunscreen with you and re-apply throughout the day.
  3. Consider getting a skin cancer screening. It is painless and takes just a few minutes. Many insurance plans offer one screening per year for free. You can also try calling your local hospital to see if they are offering free skin cancer screenings. Make sure to have your children screened, too. I just learned of a 17-year old boy who had a nagging skin irritation near his scalp. His mom took him to a dermatologist and it is stage IV melanoma. You can never be to cautious.
  4. Make sure to wear a hat or head protection. Burned scalps are painful and dangerous. If you're not wearing a hat, apply sunscreen to the part in your hair to avoid a burn.
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