Tuesday, April 14, 2015

2015 Spring Break In The Tropics!

We are back from Spring Break and we had an awesome, amazing time. It was the first time we took all four children on a trip together. To be honest, I was really apprehensive. It's not easy integrating a 17, 16, and 15 year old. My 9-year old, I wasn't worried about. But three teens (two of who are very close sisters) is a really tough number, regardless of the circumstances. Well it turned out fantastic. The three teens got along really well and I came home truly loving these girls-- all three of them. We flew from Salt Lake City to Houston, spent the night in a hotel, then went to Galveston and got on the Princess Emerald. We had two cabins for the six of us. We had three days at sea, which we spend mostly poolside, resting and relaxing. It's been a very long time since I had a trip like that-- most of mine are go, Go, GO!!! Our first stop was Roatan (Honduras). It was hot and humid and stunningly GORGEOUS. Oh my gosh I forgot what it was like to be on a tropical island. As I thought about it, it was four years ago when my ex-husband and I were in Costa Rica and a year prior for the girls when we went to Maui. It was exhilarating diving into the water and snorkeling. I swear to you, I want to go back for a week to this piece of heaven. Cruising isn't for everyone and there is never enough time in ports but it does provide a snapshot, a sample, of places worth going back to.

Our next stop was Belize City. I had been to this country some 15 years prior, for a week, on Ambergrise Caye and it remains one of my favorite trips and places ever. I was ecstatic to come back. This trip was on the mainland and we went cave tubing and zip lining. Oh my gosh-- the countryside was fascinating, beautiful, and peaceful. Nirvana. I have never cave tubed before and it was a very unique experience floating among stalagmites and stalag-tites (no double misspelled- forgive me, I'm in a rush). And this was a real zip-lining, extreme experience. My second zip, my daughters' first (though they did a lame zip-lining thing a few years ago here in Utah). Afterwards, we indulged in organic, locally grown chicken, fresh nachos, and tomatoes, onions and mangos. I love yummy high quality local food!

Our final stop was Cozumel, Mexico, which we saw zero of. We got on a ferry, then a bus, and went to Chichen Itza. I had been here before. It was my college graduation present to myself. I talked my roomie, Becky, into going with me, then met up with my parents and brothers, and spent a week in Cancun, with this being a one-day tour. I loved it and William and I decided that our children had to see something educational on this trip. This is one of the Seven Wonders of The World. It turned out to be a really long trip-- 9.5 hours with just 35 minutes at the site. Not happy about that, but we did get some fabulous photos and it will be something that none of the girls will forget. Worth it? I suppose...

And now we are home, kids back in school, and it's a race to the finish line for summer-- just six more weeks. And with our BIG TRIPS behind us (ok, one more mini trip to Palm Springs for a couple days but that almost doesn't count!), it's time to start planning our October wedding and shopping for a wedding dress. For sure we are getting married outdoors among spectacular fall foliage. And the wedding must be fun. What that all means, we shall see.