Friday, April 24, 2015

Myeloma and alternative therapies. My trial of cannibidiol (CBD)

I have been battling multiple myeloma since diagnosis in January 2012. When I first started treatment, I thought about going completely alternative. That means foregoing toxic drugs and chemotherapy and going all natural. Make radical changes to my diet, take vitamins, and pick one of the anti-cancer protocols.

But then I wasn't brave enough to do that. Maybe the cure for cancer is in plants. But I just couldn't do it. I did, however, decide that I would do all I could to give my body all the fighting power it needed and then do all that chemo and transplants and chemicals.

Over the course of my myeloma journey, I have started hearing about the effectiveness of cannibidiol (CBD). In fact, my fellow myeloma survivor and advocate, Gary Petersen, wrote about it on his blog:
This Cure Panel broadcast was aired on April 15 and you can listen to the rebroadcast if you CLICK HERE.  I had been knowledgeable of the fact cannabis was proven to be able to mitigate the nausea and discomfort caused by many therapeutic chemotherapy drugs.  However, what has recently been discovered is that cannibidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive component of marijuana, had therapeutic value in multiple myeloma treatment.  After studying the effects of cannabidiol on multiple myeloma cells, researchers found that, “CBD by itself or in synergy with Bortezomib strongly inhibited growth, arrested cell cycle progression and induced MM cells death by regulating the ERK, AKT and NF-κB pathways with major effects in TRPV2+ cells.” They conclude that, “These data provide a rationale for using CBD to increase the activity of proteasome inhibitors in MM.”  Cannabis and Cialis, if it doesn't cure your myeloma you may just go out with a big SMILE on your face.  
I am pro medical marijuana and using hemp but it's not legal here in Utah. I don't really understand how to use it or why. Or if it'll negatively interact with the drugs that I take now (namely Revlimid, Carfilzomib, and Dex). But I would be willing to try it.

About a year ago, I was chatting up with my fellow myeloma warrior, Jenny, about if I should take curcumin supplements. My doctors at Huntsman said no, it could diminish the effectiveness of chemo. Other myeloma doctors say yes. Jenny said at one point you need to study and pray and just decide what's best for you. I decided to take the supplements. So before I go further, know that I am not telling other myeloma patients that they should do what I'm doing. I can only tell you what I've decided, my experience, and then talk to your doctor, nutritionist, God or higher power, and then make your own (informed) decisions.

So what is cannibidiol? Let's here from Dose of Nature, a company that makes it:

Cannabinoids (cannabidiol/CBD) are natural constituents of the hemp plant and CBD is derived from commercial hemp stalk and seed.
The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) currently considers non-THC hemp based cannabinoids, including CBD, to be “food based” and therefore sale-able. These new non-psychoactive CBD-rich hemp oil products that ETST has geared up to market and distribute are beyond reproach. CBD (cannabidiol), a naturally occurring constituent of the industrial hemp plant, promotes and supports the nutritional health of aging bodies in particular. Source: US Government Patent #6,630,507 “Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants.”
While the standard of the industry has been a CO2 extracted paste and that same paste mixed with oils, Dose of Nature has pushed the envelope forward in terms of better delivery options, bioavailability and taste. Dose of Nature launched with a three-tiered CBD (cannabidiol) product line:
RedStrap™ CBD oil blends:
What makes their product line unique is because they use the purest, most refined CBD oil available in the world. Dose of Nature’s proprietary process takes out the unnecessary waxes, resins, and constituents, rendering a cleaner natural supplement.
CBD glycerin tincture:
Dose of Nature’s Sweet CBD™ is the only glycerin CBD product available at the national level. Dose of Nature’s proprietary BioXTrax™ process extracts whole herbs and nutrients through an elaborate multi-stage process binding them into a concentrated glycerin solution which is sweet, water-soluble, and easily digested and bioavailable.
Nano-Technology: The Dose of Nature Hydrosome™ technology creates uniform, true nano-sized particles that are embedded in micro-water clusters for easy absorption at the cellular level.

About a month ago, I went for it-- I tried cannibidiol (CBD) from Dose of Nature. I loved it and plan to continue taking it. I don't have new markers drawn and I can't tell you that clinically anything has changed. But I can give you my experience and some info...

It was easy to take and I immediately noticed an increase in energy when taking it in the mornings. Since fatigue is a real side effect of many myeloma meds, especially on the days I'm crashing from Dex, this was a Godsend. Also, I struggle with chemo brain. On cannibidiol, I noticed that I had greater mental clarity and more easily remembered things. I also had less pain in my joints. Sometimes my entire torso aches and despite successful stem cell transplants, the pain never seems to go away entirely. Some days are worse than others. I also get leg cramps at night. When taking the oil, I experienced no leg cramps at all. Yay!

Am I going to continue taking it? Yes. If you're interested in more information, visit The price for the Dose of Nature Redstrap CBD is $79.99. I used it by putting it in my morning fruit smoothy of an orange, banana, frozen pineapple, chia seeds, and unsweetened organic coconut milk. Yum!