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There are many immunotherapy approaches now being used to target multiple myeloma. One way to use patients’ own immune system to target the myeloma cells is called adaptive T-cell therapy with MILS (marrow infiltrating lymphocytes). Dr. Ivan Borrello is a pioneer to use this therapy (already being used in breast, prostate and pancreatic cancer) in multiple myeloma. He is using the immunotherapy with high dose chemotherapy He will explain how this therapy works and how the resulting promise it shows in early study is now being expanded to a 90 high-risk myeloma patient clinical trial.   

Dr. Ivan Borello, MD is Associate Professor of Oncology, Associate Professor of Cellular and Molecular Medicine for the Graduate Program, and Director of the Cellular Therapeutics Center at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Dr. Borrello’s team of researchers have focused on the development of tumor immunotherapy for blood cancers. This approach is breaking new ground and is a pioneering effort by his team. Dr. Borrello has received numerous awards including the american Society for Clinical Oncology Scholarship Award, the Johns Hopkins University Clinican Scientist Award, the Kimmel Scholar Award, and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of America Clinical Translational Scholar Award.

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