Sunday, April 26, 2015

An interview with my 9-year old daughter: "7 things my mom does that I love"

I love interviewing my daughters, seriously. I always hear something really unexpected. Today I decided to interview my nine-year daughter about what things I do that she loves. I wrote about it on Divorced Moms. If you have children (regardless of their age) or grandchildren, ask them the same question. That'll give you a list of things you should keep doing. On another day when you are really ready for an earful, ask them what things you do that drive them nuts. I'll be asking my 15-year old that question, but not today. Today is just for happy things. Here goes...

My Mom Rocks! 7 Things I Love Best (Says My 9-year Old Daughter)
by Lizzy Smith                    
April 27, 2015
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Fotolia_72225202_XS.jpgI love asking my daughters random questions and then listening to what they say. I often learn so much from them. While I know that I'm driving my teen daughter a little nutty lately, I also know I get some things right. Since today I wanted to focus only on the positive, I decided to ask my nine-year old daughter what things I do that she loves. Before she answered, I vowed that whatever she said, I'd do my best to continue doing it. On another day, I'll ask her what I do that I should try and stop. But that's for another time. Here are her answers:

1. You let me cook with you
I love to experience cooking and to learn to cook new things. It's really fun to spend time with my mom doing this together. I also love to eat what we cook with the whole family. I like to invite a lot of people over so they can eat with us. I love when we all eat together and get to talk.

2. I love when you drive carpool
When my mom drives, I don't have to walk as far because she drops us off right in front of the school. When my mom picks us up sometimes we get to go out and get ice cream. Sometimes my mom takes all the kids in the carpool to get cookies. The kids think my mom is awesome when she does that.

3. My mom takes me to my favorite restaurant
I love Tepenyaki and it is really expensive. We go every year on my birthday. It is really fun to watch the guy cooking our food and trying to throw shrimp for us to catch in our mouths. I love when my mom lets me pick going to my favorite restaurant. Tepenyaki is really funny and my sister, my mom and I laugh a lot at dinner.

4. Shopping together is really fun
I love shopping with my mom. Going out with just us girls is really fun. Sometimes my mom lets me pick out craft projects or I get to try on cute clothes. I love feeling fashionable with my mom and she can be really funny when we are picking out things. She tells me a lot that a girl can never have too many shoes.

5. I love going on trips with my mom
I love going to fun places with my mom and sister. She takes us really fun places. I love going on cruises the best because there is kids club. We also get to go places that I see in pictures and TV. When we talk about places at school I have been to a lot of them and I like to tell the teacher about it. I went to where Abraham Lincoln was shot and then where he died. I loved snorkeling in Honduras. But my favorite place was Dubrovnik, Croatia where we walked along a long city wall and took a lot of funny pictures. Like I climbed on a cannon and make crazy faces. It was really beautiful and fun and we could see the ocean from the top of the walls. The stairs were really hard and steep to climb. My mom, sister and I have a lot of fun when we go places together. My mom likes to take us places together and she is really funny when we are away from our house.

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