Sunday, March 16, 2014

This took two years

I took a huge step forward on Friday. I announced on Facebook to all my friends that I have myeloma. When my article was published in the Chicago Tribune (Fix Obamacare, don't repeal it), I knew I had to share it with my Facebook friends. And so I did. I posted a link and there it was for everyone to see. I had multiple myeloma.

While I blog and write, I was mum to nearly all my friends and even most people in my family about my illness. Most knew I had a blood disorder but I never gave it a name. I knew I was going to beat it and I couldn't look at anyone and see fear, sorrow or doubt in anyone's eyes. I was marching forward with all the courage I could and I couldn't have anyone shake my resolve.

Until Friday. Finally, my last shred of privacy has been stripped away and it is a relief. And just for good measure, I emailed the link out to everyone else on my contact list who isn't my Facebook friend. There you have it-- total transparency. Nothing left really.

The responses have been touching. First, many of my friends posted it on their Facebook pages to share with their network of friends. Second, the messages I've received back both publicly and privately have left me in tears so many times I can't count.

I missed out on their support for over two years. Would I do it all again the same way? I don't know. But I'm happy to know that I have an enormous network of support and love. I must have done something right in my life.