Sunday, March 30, 2014

Interview with my eight year old

I just posted an article to Divorced Moms in which I interviewed my teen daughter. Not to be upstaged by her older sister, I also interviewed my eight year old daughter. I am posting that interview here. Siena is one amazing child. She is funny, smart, has the memory of an elephant, and incredibly perceptive. Interviewing her was very fun. It took us forever to get through the questions because we just started talking about all kinds of things and we got sidetracked. Siena is quite the chatterbox. Anyway, here goes:

Lizzy: What do you think is really fashionable?
Siena: A tank top, cute shorts, and a fashion sweatshirt.

Lizzy: What is your curfew and should you have one?
Siena: 8:30 is my curfew and I don't think I should have one on the weekends.

Lizzy: What is the coolest thing about your life?
Siena: Having the best mom in the world. And Morgan my sister. Being able to see my grandpa and grandma every day. And I've been to a lot of places and trips.

Lizzy: What are the best places you've ever been?
Siena: Estonia, Paris, and Russia. I also love going to Long Beach. I want to go to Julie and Shane's house right now!

Lizzy: What do you and your friends talk about the most?
Siena: Play dates

Lizzy: Where is your favorite place to go shopping?
Siena: Justice

Lizzy: What is the biggest issue facing girls your age?
Siena: Meanies. Fighting with my sister.

Lizzy: If you could change one thing about your life what would it be?
Siena: To be skinnier (ugh! already????). To have a dream house with eight levels: one for an art room, a gymnastic room, an elevator, piano room, a TV room, a soccer room to play with Morgan and a reading room.

Lizzy: If you hit the lottery and one ten million dollars, what would you buy?
Siena: A pink car, a car for my mom, and give everyone in my family $100.

Lizzy: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Siena: Toys R Us

Lizzy: What's the hardest thing you've ever had to cope with?
Siena: Falling on the treadmill and getting hurt.

Lizzy: What would you like to say to bullies?
Siena: Stop it or I will tell my mom.

Lizzy: How many selfies do you take a day?
Siena: 50 because I like to be silly.

Lizzy: What would you like to tell moms about girls your age?
Siena: We are smart and talented and if you pay attention you will see it. My talent is hoola hooping.

Lizzy: How do you think moms can be better moms?
Siena: Get off your phones!

Lizzy: What is the worse punishment you've ever had?
Siena: I've never had a punishment from my mom. (cute, so not true but so sweet that she said that_