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Finding life after cancer (from

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You’ve made it through cancer treatment. Now what?

You’ve made it through cancer treatment. Now what?

By Lizzy Smith
In September 2012, I completed my second of two autologous stem cell transplants for Multiple Myeloma. My doctor gave me a four week break and then in October, I went on my maintenance plan, which included weekly velcade via IV with Dex, and daily thalidomide. Once per month I had my labs and Aridia via IV, and I only saw a doctor once every six months. 

And that’s when fear set in. I had no idea I would feel that way. I was so used to being in clinic several times per week, sometimes every single day, that the void was frightening. When I was being monitored so closely, it was reassuring. I relied on the constant feedback. I knew that as long as I was treated by the angels at Huntsman Cancer Institute’s Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) clinic, that myeloma would not claim my life. But now that I wasn’t getting that constant care?

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