Wednesday, March 19, 2014

2 more Divorced Moms columns are published!

I am writing a lot more often these days on Divorced Moms! Here are two of the most recent. Enjoy!

Dear Lizzy: What Did I Do Wrong? 10 Mistakes On a First Date

By Lizzy Smith                   
March 19, 2014

Dear Lizzy,
I met a guy for dinner and I really like him. But he’s gone silent on me. I’ve called and texted him but he hasn’t responded. I noticed he’s still on the dating sites and “active within the past 24 hours.” I don’t know what went wrong. The only thing I can think of is that during our dinner, I got a phone call from another guy I’ve been dating casually. I don’t even like him that much but I answered and gave him my home address. When my date said, “Oh, lots of other men, huh?” I thought it was good that he know he had competition, right? So I told him that I can have any guy I want so he better not slack. I was joking and surely he knew it. We both laughed and the rest of the date went great. He even kissed me goodnight. What should I do? I think I’m going to drop by his work and drop off some of my famous cookies. Thoughts?
Dear J,
Yikes! Do not take him cookies to work! You cannot become a crazy stalker under any circumstance.

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5 Bedtime Routines To Calm the Frazzled Mom

By Lizzy Smith                   
March 17, 2014
My favorite time of the entire day is right before I go to bed. I love that solace time. Quiet. Peaceful. Mine. Sometimes I blog or do a little online shopping. I research and plan upcoming trips because I love to travel (in less than three months, we’re flying to Venice!). I take long baths and read. Or lately, I’ve been catching up on past episodes of House of Cards (I’m so addicted). My biggest complaint is that there is rarely enough time to enjoy it for very long before I fall asleep.

When I first became a mom, I let my daughter stay up far too late. Bedtime was sometimes eleven o’clock at night, which meant I had zero time to myself. When I adjusted her bedtime to something more reasonable, it was wonderful. For the first time, we had a more controlled evening, a nicer bedtime routine, and I had time to unwind for myself. She slept better and so did I. There was no turning back. With a second daughter in the picture, I stuck even more rigidly to routine. Because around nine o’clock at night, I was (am!) totally done with being a mom.

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