Sunday, March 30, 2014

I always know it's time for a new season when...

I always know that it's time for a change of season when I look in my closet and can hardly stomach wearing the same clothes. Spring is here and it's official-- I hate every single item of winter clothes and shoes that I own. Of course, I thought the same of my summer clothes when fall arrived. I was so happy to stop wearing my shorts and sundresses and pull out my jeans and sweaters. And now those jeans and sweaters make me almost gag.

We have had such an easy winter in Utah this year. Hardly any snow. I almost never wore a coat. But it's definitely time for flip flops and heat. And, in the typical Lizzy fashion, just thinking about spring and summer put me in a spending mode.

So on Thursday, I dragged William to the shops. Good sport that he is, he sat patiently in the big overstuffed chairs outside the dressing room while I tried on one outfit after the next while he gave me the thumbs up or thumbs down. Afterwards, we got some lunch and, later that evening, went to see a movie. But I was still heady from the shopping experience. So later that night, I hopped back online and continued. I keep thinking, "How will this look in Italy?" I seriously need to stop. I really try to love every day but, truth is, I can't wait to get on a plane and go on vacation. Less than eight weeks!

On Friday, I went to my weekly injection appointment and chatted it up with the people who've been caring for me since I moved to Utah to seek treatment. I love these people, I really do. They aren't just my nurses and PA's-- they've become my friends and I care about them immensely. I owe my life to them and sometimes I tear up just thinking about it.

I also met a woman in Utah who is also a Huntsman patient. Jenny and I are going to meet up with her on Friday for lunch.

Overall, my energy level has been good this past week. I'm exhausted simply because I can't sleep, not because I've had the terrible Dex-crashes that I hate. I have had almost no fuzziness either. I hesitate writing that because whenever I do, it seems the fatigue week is just around the corner. Nonetheless, it is what it is.

The one drag is... another bladder infection. These lovely drugs leave me immune compromised and, while I've been fortunate to stave off all the really bad illnesses, I always have a cold or a ... something... and this time, it's a bladder infection. Luckily I've got a stash of drugs for that- I'm not sure I even need to rush off to urgent care. I'm getting really good and figuring this all out on my own (sort of).

So happy Spring. I love the newness that Spring represents. A rebirth. Re-emerging from the slumber of winter. Sun, fresh, renewal, healing. The smells of flowers and fruits and citrus. Yellow and apple green. More light. Fresh air. Healing and peace. Hopeful.