Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Under the Italian Sun

We are at Lake Como and there is no more beautiful place on Earth than this. Sure there are places as beautiful but it is impossible to surpass this. There was a sharp intake of breath from even my hard to impress children at our first view. I'm purposely not posting pics until later because we are doing major exploring today. Our hotel is gorgeous-- a former mansion. Last night after dinner the girls, my dad and I sat at the lake and just took it all in. Talk about living in the moment.

Before arriving here we stopped in Verona,  home of the Romeo and Juliet story. Did you know that Shakespeare never even visited Verona? Well now you do!

As much as we are seeing, I haven't gotten this much rest in forever. I'm taking lots of naps and sleeping sometimes 11 hours at night. It is so nice. The food is amazing. It is all amazing.  And my intent to go to China next just went out the window.  I must come back to Split, Kusudasi, and Southern Italy. Because this is my heaven. I feel peace, joy and all of that good and amazing stuff right here.