Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Parthenon!

We left on our trip on Thursday, May 30. What a fun way to start a trip-- in the ER getting Siena's nose cauterized. She has been up almost every single night for the past week (sometimes several times per night) with a bloody nose. So after almost no sleep, I woke up early and took her to the hospital. Morgan went to school for 15 minutes, just enough time to pick up her yearbook, and off we went to the airport.

After long cramped flights on Delta (OMG can they make those seats any smaller?) we landed in Venice. We had two options-- a private boat to the St Marks Square, or a public boat. Since the public transport was much cheaper and because, why not, we took that option. It was beautiful. Our hotel was beautiful. Totally not corporate, quaint, and historic. I melted when I saw it and our views were exactly what I pictured when I heard of Venice. The girls' room looked over red tiled rooftops and a church. Mine and Williams room looked over, well, red tiled rooftops. We allowed ourselves to sleep two hours and we dragged ourselves out and started walking. St Marks square, the canals, pizza and churches and the shopping! Venice was more than I expected. Absolutely amazing and I felt like I was home. I want to move there. I love London but, really, I LOVE Venice. I can see myself living somewhere in Italy. Ask me more in a couple weeks if I still feel that way because after this cruise, we will spend more time in Northern Italy. 

The next day, we got on our ship. And then we arrived in Dubrovnik, Croatia. We spent three hours walking the fortress that surrounds the Old Town portion of the city. Impressive and beautiful. Historically significant. I love!

And then a day at sea...

Today, we are in Athens! Are there words to describe the Parthenon? The answer is no. 

Tomorrow we are touring Ephesus, Turkey. And then Split, Croatia. I'd write a lot more and post a whole lot more photos but I'm paying, like, a million dollars to use the Internet on the ship. More later. But I wanted to let you all know we are alive and having a lot of fun.

Except... guess who is sick again? Me! I have a horrible cold and cough. Last night, I started self medicating with an antibiotic that my doctor's office gave me "just in case". And, of course, Siena is sick, too. Oh my gosh I'm not sure I've ever been to Europe and not been sick. Of course, I am sick all the time these days. Even William asked me if he's ever known me and I haven't been sick. I thought about that for about a second and said no. I am never ending sick. I'm thinking of taking myself off thalidomide for a week. Thalidomide helps lower my immune system. Apparently, it kicks my immune system in the ass. Should I or shouldn't I? All I know is this is not cool. 

Sick or not, I will not allow anything to keep me down. I will now go pop some cold meds, take a shower, and get ready for dinner.

Did I ever say how much I love to travel?