Friday, June 13, 2014

Best part of holiday

I'm super tired so this post will be super short.  The best part of this trip? Relationships!

1. With my kids! This has been most bonding trip ever. Today Siena and I sat together on our drive from Lake Como to Lugano Switzerland,  and then from Lugano to Lake Maggiore.  We chatted most of the way.  Dang she is just as cute as a bug, perceptive and funny. She did my hair one night for dinner (very cute! Pictured here) and my makeup another night (not so good).  Morgan and I have had long intimate chats at the pool and lying in bed til late at night. Tomight wus three girls sat on our balcony til late at night people watching. Entertaining!  I LOVE how people dress for dinner. On this trip,  us too. And I will continue doing so any time I head out for the eve, even when I get home.  Dress like an Italian.  Plus we have done some intense shopping. We can't help it. Everything is so beautiful.  Shoes, bags,  sundreses. Shoes. Dresses. Shoes. But we've done this together!

2. Traveling on thus portion sans William but with my mom and dad has been so important.  They need help and I'm so lucky to be here to help with the journey.  And Morgan has been amazing at helping too. Plus it's been fun to visit the place that my ancestors cane from. That's right... I'm 50 percent Italian!  That's where i get my fighstiness. Take no prisoners.

3. And bonding with those on the tour has been far better than expected. There are a set of 53 year old twins that have turned out to be incredibly kind, fascinating and fun. Extremely fun for a couple of Brits. They took early retirement and travel the world. They love to explore as much as I do. Hey they're the ones who told me to pass the gates where Mussolini was killed (that fascist) and continue to the church and go behind it for best views ever. "We'll save you a seat for dinner," they said. Dang they were right. I was going to skip a three island tour tomorrow but they're going and since they only do super cool stuff, we are going too.  And then there's our tour guide jean luca. We love him. And our bus driver rocks. Who knew this tour would turn out like this? Not just fun, but FUN. I feel 21 and silly again. I haven't done this since I was, like, 25!

All the other stuff has been a huge home run that  I will write, about with photos. But not til after we get back. I so very much want to live in Italy and Croatia.  It beckons me. It is so overpowering right now.

Peace. And, Bueno Note. Sorry for the typos.