Sunday, June 29, 2014

After chemo, my new hair looks like...

Before chemo and myeloma, I had straight hair. Not a lick of curl in it. But now, it is very curly.

I was at my infusion appointment yesterday getting my Velcade injection and took this selfie. This is my hair in its natural form post chemo. It is curly and I can straight iron it. But if I wash and semi-dry and go natural, here it is. Before chemo, it was totally straight. Learning to deal with curly hair has been quite a process but I'm far more comfy with it now. Before my trip to Europe and going curly, I straight ironed it most of the time. I fretted over it. But now I love it. When I had short hair and pitched the wig, my hair stylist, Kelsie, had to wash and style my hair twice a week. When it got a bit longer and I went with extensions, Kelsie still needed to style my hair twice a week. Now I see her just once a week. Progress!

Very short hair with lots of blow drying and straight ironing required.

Hair extensions. This time, I took a curling iron and curled my hair. Typically, it was straightened by Kelsie, the best hair stylist ever.

Learning to be comfy in my own skin is still a process but I love the journey.

It's hard to believe that 14 months ago I was pitching my wig for the first time ever. And just 18 months ago, I barely had peach fuzz on my head. It's grown back fast and healthy and I'm grateful for hair. I'm grateful for life. Every day is a gift.
Long straight hair pre getting myeloma, undergoing treatment that included high dose chemo (melphalin), going bald as a Q-tip (twice!), wearing wigs, and then having my hair grow back.