Saturday, June 7, 2014

Split, Croatia. Can I live here please?

Our last cruise stop blew me away. Split Croatia was that perfect Mediterranean town- hot, beautiful,  lots of ocean, lots of history.  I want to live here next summer for three months. William and I started talking about it. It is all Pie in the Sky stuff now but he suggested maybe a few weeks or a month in Split and explore the 150 islands here and more, then rent a place in Greece for several weeks, the maybe Kusadasi, Turkey. .. A lot has to work out for that to happen, namely my health. But every Bold idea starts with a thought,  right?

Last Tues we had a sea day. I was exhausted.  Mind numbing crushing fatigue.  I slept at the pool all day.  Wednesday wasn'tb much better. Thursday I was popping pain mess before we headed to Ephesus when William noticed I was taking night time No - quil. IN THE MORNINGS!!! Note to all readers: this is a very bad idea. I think I missed my dex crash and I'm taking a break until June 20. I still have been tired though because both Siena and I have been so dang sick. And now William flew back to the USA today now sick. And he is never sick.  This challenge aside, so far this might be the best trip we have ever been on.

The girls and I just ate an incredibly delicious pasta dinner in Milan and we are now resting up in our hotel. Tomorrow we connect with my parents, check in to a new hotel, shop and explore. Monday we connect with our tour group, explore Milan some more and head to Northern Italy. Looking forward to it!