Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Tips on getting health(ier). Be happy, strong and fabulous!

As of today, I have completed two back-to-back days of Bikram yoga. And it has been fabulous to be back. I took a break because I can't fathom going from 107-degree heat and then stepping outside into sweltering heat during the summer months. So you would think Fall weather would be better? Oh my gosh it is so hot here in Utah so that would be a Big Fat NO. So from heat to heat and I am melting, super tired, and, while feeling emotionally healthy after two days in yoga, I can't say I feel physically fabulous. I am tired, and tired, and really tired. Drained. And I don't want to complain about heat but, really, everywhere I have been this summer has been a sweltering mess. From Canada to Seattle to Florida to Utah, endless non-stop heat. I am miserable. This is all quite boring but suffice it to say, my brain is operating on fifty percent capacity. That said-- Bikram yoga is amazing. It is party of my health strategy because it addresses the physical, mental and emotional person. And we cancer warriors, and divorce survivors, and those of us struggling in tough relationships need all the help we can get. My latest via Divorced Moms.

Be well, dear readers,


11 Ways To Optimize Your Emotional & Physical Health NOW

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September 09, 2015
635675175991139410Fotolia_75201171_XS.jpgWe divorced moms, or those somewhere on the divorce spectrum, put up with enormous stress in our lives—from difficult ex’s, to navigating the dating scene, to raising our children—it would be enough to push even the strongest of us over the edge. And as we head into cooler temps, if we aren’t taking care of ourselves, we are also more likely to get sick, emotionally and physically.
As a cancer survivor who still gets all kinds of un-fun treatments, nothing is more important to me than my health. I went through chemo, loss of hair, and no immune system. I came back swinging by doing things that would make me physically and emotionally strong. They work, they really do. Try my Top 11 and I think you will see a huge difference.
Ditch Unhealthy Relationships
A bad relationship must go—it is essential to achieving happiness and peace. This means a spouse, boyfriend, friend, or even a parent, if it comes to that. If you are married to an abusive husband, you must start planning an escape. If you have children with your husband, this can be difficult but numerous studies show that if you are in a high-conflict marriage, children fare far worse if their parents attempt to “stick it out” for their sake. Sometimes divorce, as awful as they are, can be far better than a bad marriage. Some day, with a divorce, there will (hopefully) be peace. If you are in a toxic relationship with a boyfriend, it is time to end it and get therapy so you aren’t repeating past mistakes. Sometimes parents or friends can be toxic, too. Eliminating or minimizing contact with negative people is essential because they can make you physically and emotionally sick. That doesn’t mean I’m quick to cut people out of my life but since getting cancer, I realize that extremely bad relationships must end because I cannot heal and stay healthy with constant negative energy.
Take Up Prayer, Medication and/or Yoga
Prayer, meditation, and yoga are fantastic for clearing your mind, thinking through tough issues, and making wise decisions. After a few months' break for the summer, I hit up Bikram yoga again yesterday (in fact, I'm heading there again right after finishing this article), which is 107-degree temperature for 90-minutes. It was a deep emotional and physical purge. As I sweat out impurities, my mind is cleared too. Meditation and prayer are also fantastic relaxation techniques that calm your soul.
Drink Water
Staying properly hydrated isn’t even debatable. Drink water all day long. If you need flavor, add lemon or other fruit. Unflavored ice tea or organic coffees without sugar are also healthy alternatives. Green tea is one of the healthiest drinks on the planet. While you are sipping on healthy beverages all day long, remember to breathe deeply. These are incredibly simple things you can do throughout the day for your health.
Wash Your Hands & Keep Them Out Of Your Face
The fastest way to catch a cold is to shake hands, push a shopping cart around Costco, or visit your children’s school and then put your hands near your eyes, nose and mouth (I’m so guilty of this!). Keep an organic hand sanitizer with you and use if often (some are extremely toxic).
Walk More/Drive Less
Costco and Starbucks, two stores I visit most, are literally less than a mile from home. Instead of driving, if I’m not picking up too many items, I walk. The beautiful fall crisp air is amazing. It clears my head and lungs and gives me fresh Vitamin D. Even if you’re shopping, park far away from the store entrance. In really cold weather, walk around a large shopping mall or store so you can get some exercise.