Friday, September 18, 2015

15 Signs Your Relationship ROCKS! I see my relationship in there and, to celebrate, we're getting MARRIED this weekend!!

I'm on my wedding trip (with William, of course). Just the two of us, roadtripping though America's most beautiful countryside, and saying "I do." I'll give you all the details so, but I have to get moving and going now. Here is my latest via Divorced Moms. It is a rather "fitting" topic, I think. I also just learned that another one of my articles has been picked up my Huffington Post! So exciting, I'll post links to that soon.

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15 Signs That Your (And Your Partner) Relationship Rocks!
By Lizzy Smith                     
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September 16, 2015
635496657177599013Fotolia_48001985_XS.jpgHealthy relationship rock! Does yours fit the bill? Here are 12 signs of a terrific relationship:

1. You trust each other
True trust takes time, and it is earned.

If you trust your guy, when you aren't together, you never need to worry about what he is doing-- and he trusts you in the same way.

You know you can tell your partner anything in confidence and he will not violate your trust. You enjoy his input and opinions and know he always has your back.

2 You allow each other your own interests
I love Bikram yoga and my fiancĂ© never goes with me and, actually, I prefer it. That is my personal time. I also love to go out with my girlfriends to lunch. In several weeks, I am meeting my best friend in Southern Utah for a few days for a girl's weekend retreat. This ought to be allowed and encouraged. It is good and healthy, for both of you, to have a life outside of the relationship (provided it doesn't cross boundaries).

3 You are besties
You truly love your guy. You trust him. You love spending time together and building a life together. I know couples whose time together is a dreaded chore. They are annoyed and frustrated. Healthy couples laugh a lot together, look for new life adventures, and enjoy the mundane chores of life. Eye rolling, loud sighs, and put-downs are basically non-existent in healthy, happy relationships.

4 You communicate well
You can speak to each other about hard topics without fear. You respect each other enough to listen and talk. I remember all too well dreading talking to my now ex-husband because without warning, it could erupt into a screaming match. It was literally frightening. On the flip side, healthy couples talk, work things out, and are a team.

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