Sunday, May 10, 2015

My (very) happy Mother's Day. This Myeloma warrior takes nothing for granted

Today we celebrated Mother's Day and I am so blessed to be here, feeling good, hanging with my family, my children, my inspiring mother, and my fiancé. Despite living with and surviving myeloma, I am blessed, feeling terrific, and embracing every holiday and special day.

Honestly Mother's Day is a contrived day and I'm oftentimes uncomfortable with the whole Happy Mother's day thing, all you mother's are fabulous, and on and on. Not every mom is great, not everyone has a mom alive, and not everyone is a mother. This day brings great pain to many out there. Acknowledged. I get it. But everyone has had a mother and having a terrible mother is certainly one reason for many of society's ills. Not all, but many.

Liz Lizette Smith Nielsen's photo.
But let's stay positive. I feel so blessed to be a mom. It wasn't an easy journey. It started off with fertility drugs, a failed IVF, and eventually five trips to Russia to have my two girls. I love them so much that it aches. Today my nine-year old daughter wrote out a card. She said I'm as sweet as candy and smell as great as a rose. My heart melts. My 15-year old has given me a million hugs today. The best thing about being a mom? Feeling unconditional love. It is so pure, perfect and good.

I have a fabulous mom who leads by example. She is nurturing, gives of herself completely, and is honest, affectionate and loving. She is smart, speaks five languages, and is fascinating, cultured, well traveled and beautiful. She was there with me for my cancer diagnosis, helped me leave an alcoholic and abusive husband, allowed me to move into her home, held my hand throughout my entire illness, and helped raise my wounded, confused, and shell-shocked children through it all.

My fiancé gave me the best gift I could hope for. He shopped, prepped and cooked dinner. He entertained my family, cleaned up, and was an impeccable host.

And, lastly, I watched the season finale of House of Cards. Oh my, I'm buzzing at following perhaps the best show ever produced with some of the finest acting. So this isn't that important in the scheme of things but I can't stop thinking about it. If you aren't watching this superb show, you must. Oh.My.Gosh. I am totally obsessed.

I take nothing for granted, including being alive to enjoy another day surrounded by the people I love most.

Be happy, healthy and strong,