Monday, May 11, 2015

MCRI's next show: Weds, May 13, 1PM EST. Let's find a cure for myeloma!

I'm on the board of the Myeloma Research Initiative (MCRI), one of the coolest projects ever and one in which we may find (relatively soon) a REAL cure for myeloma, high risk myeloma. Who wants to donate money to cancer research where you don't know where it's going, what it's done, or the timeline? What I as a donor want is real, tangible progress, results, and something reportable and transparent. That's what MCRI is doing. We are on a quest to pick a project or two that show the greatest potential for a cure-- like a cure in the near future, not a jillion years away. And the really great news is that I'm not picking the project-- myeloma doctors and specialists are. I'm helping with communicating this amazing, important, groundbreaking, potentially game-changing initiative. Anyway, here is one potential study that may receive MCRI support. So read up and listen in if you can. Catch you on Wednesday's show!


Myeloma Crowd Research Initiative (MCRI) Next Show: A potential cure for 14;16 multiple myeloma using a PIM2 Kinase Inhibitor with Dr. Carmen Baldino, PhD and Dr. Kelvin Lee, MD, Wednesday, May 13 @ 1 pm EST

Wednesday, May 13,  10 am PST, 11 am MST, Noon CST, 1 pm EST
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The 14;16 translocation is a high-risk feature in multiple myeloma patients. Through the work of Dr. Carmen Baldino, PhD, scientific founder of Jasco Pharmaceuticals and Dr. Kelvin Lee, MD of Roswell Park Cancer Institute, a new drug has been developed that may be potentially curative for these patients. In this 7th show for the Myeloma Crowd Research Initiative, we interview Drs. Baldino and Lee to learn more about this important drug now in development.

Dr. Baldino is a scientific co-founder of Jasco Pharmaceuticals, LLC and the company’s President. Prior to joining Jasco, Dr. Baldino was one of the scientific founders of China based BioDuro, LLC, an integrated R&D services company, and served as its Vice President of Research and Business Development. Dr. Baldino also spent ten years at ArQule, Inc., most recently as Vice President of Chemistry, managing a group of scientists responsible for early discovery technologies, medicinal chemistry, and analytical chemistry. Dr. Baldino obtained his B.S. in Chemistry from Southern Connecticut State University (1987), Ph.D. from Purdue University & the Scripps Research Institute (1993) with Professor Dale L. Boger, and completed a post-doctoral fellowship at Yale University with Professor Harry H. Wasserman. Dr. Baldino’s academic research focused on the total synthesis of natural products and bioorganic chemistry.

Dr. Kelvin Lee is Professor of Medicine at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute as well as Vice Chair of Medicine and Chair of Immunology. His laboratory has a long-standing interest and publication record in multiple myeloma, being the first to characterize CD28’s pro-survival function in myeloma. In his lab he also studies the bone marrow microenvironment and other survival proteins.

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