Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Milkweed Balm - My answer for intense leg and feet cramps?

Every once in awhile I come across a product that I find really amazing and helpful in my life. And when I do, I like to share. Since starting my new therapy for multiple myeloma of twice weekly infusion of Carfilzomib, once weekly 50 mg of Dexamethasone, daily Revlimid, -- all this for three weeks-- followed by one week off, and once per month Aridia, I get intense cramps in my legs and feet. I've written about this prior both here and in some articles at Myeloma Crowd ( I have woken up in the middle of the night whimpering in pain. The only thing that has semi-worked (until now) is waking up, walking around, massaging peppermint oil vigorously into the cramped areas, and waiting it out. It is not conducive to a restful night's sleep- that's for sure. Once the cramping is gone, I sleep with pillows under my knees, thereby creating a tent-like effect and protecting the positioning of my legs and feet.

And then I came across Milkweed Balm. It's a lotion that smells ok. Different, but worth it. The cost is $12 for the lotion and $25 for a roll-on, so it is quite affordable. The company touts the lotion as a way to ease pain, whether it be incision pain, sports injuries, chemo pain like neuropathy, eczema, inflammation and, in my case, cramping.
Milkweed Balm fights pain. Filled with Omega 7 fatty acids, anti-inflammatory agents, antioxidants, phosphorous, calcium, magnesium and zinc, Milkweed Oil helps alleviate pain topically. Just put it on where it hurts. Milkweed Oil has a cumulative effect, so the more you use it to begin with, the less pain you will need to reapply in the future.
I'll try just about anything! So I did. Within one week of using it every morning and evening on my feet and calves, I have yet to get another one of those horrible muscle cramps. Not one. From one every night on the days I get Carfilzomib to zero. It's been a month and they haven't been back. Is it because of the Milkweed Balm? I have literally done nothing else. I haven't even used my peppermint oils that helped once I got the cramps. No extra vitamins or medications-- nothing at all. So... I will say it certainly helped and may be the reason they've stopped.

The company offers a free trial sample. Why not check it out? To order, or for more information, visit or call 800-621-3696. In my world, if it doesn't hurt me, I'll try just about anything. And, of course, if you're under doctor's care, talk to him or her about it prior to starting any new alternative treatments.