Monday, March 16, 2015

Back from South America and no myeloma side effects!

So I'm back from South America! And while this will be a very short blog post because I have a million things to get caught up on, I wanted to report a few quickies.

  • This was one of the best vacations of my entire life. Everyone must add Iguazu Falls (Brazil and Argentina) to their bucket list. Liz Lizette Smith Nielsen's photo.

  • I love seeing interesting critters in their natural habitat, and there are MANY in Iguazu!


  • Punta Del Este, Uruguay is a gem. If you're looking for an exotic, off-the-beaten-track, beach-y vacation, consider this one. It is spectacularly beautiful.
  • It was pretty cool putting one foot in Brazil, one in Argentina, and having the backdrop of Paraguay right behind me.

  • Selfies are fun - especially when on vacation...

  • I had not one single side effect from my myeloma medications. Zero fatigue, no colds, no dry or sore eyes... Nothing. I'm still pondering this one. Because we got back on a Thursday, I took 10 (yes TEN) Dex (40 mg), went straight to Huntsman for treatment from the airport, and then had mind-blowing fatigue on Friday and Saturday. On Saturday, I spend a good chunk of the day lying in bed, wimpering, somewhat sleeping, and totally miserable. My eyes were dry and I wanted to claw them out.
  • Life is exhilarating, or it can be, even when you have debilitating illnesses. Someone recently asked how to combat depression, something many (most?) cancer survivors experience. My answer? Go skydiving. Or at least do something that brings you enormous joy, something totally outside of your comfort zone, something that makes you SCREAM. I did a lot of screaming when we took a boat under the falls in Iguazu. Like, I screamed in that crazy exhilarating I can't think of a single thing outside the moment SCREAM. Or, at least, adopt a dog or go for a walk. Get OUT. FIND JOY. Laugh. As often as you possible can.
  • I missed my daughters like crazy. I just don't think I can take long trips without them again.
  • If I hit the lottery, I'd live out of a suitcase permanently. When is the next trip? Oh, right, 2.5 weeks!
  • It was awesome seeing my aunt and uncle in Uruguay and visiting the home my mother was born and raised in.

  • And those are my random thoughts of the day. I pre-wrote and published many articles via Divorced Moms and Myeloma Crowd while I was away and I'll post a bunch of links shortly, probably tomorrow. Be well! Lizzy