Monday, February 10, 2014

Upcoming Cure Panel - Cure vs Control for Myeloma Patients

An excellent Cure Panel radio program is coming up and I won't miss it! I'm linking to my fellow myeloma warrior's write-up, Gary Petersen, for details. Read up and attend!

Cure vs. Control for Multiple Myeloma - Dr. Vincent Rajkumar, One of Mayo Clinic's Myeloma  "DREAM TEAM", Discusses This Vigorously Debated Subject

Mark your calenders for what I believe will be one of the best Myeloma Cure Panel Broadcasts yet presented.  Dr. Vincent Rajkumar will be discussing the subject of Cure vs. Control for Multiple Myeloma at 5:00 pm EST on February 26th.  For instructions on how to listen or to ask your questions on air CLICK HERE.

The subject of CURE vs. CONTROL  for multiple myeloma has been a vigorously debated subject for a very long time.  Dr. Rajkumar had been a proponent of the Control Treatment Philosophy and ten years ago, when few if any people believed that myeloma was curable, control was overwhelmingly the majority view.  But maybe "The Times They Are A-Changin".  More and more doctors are now saying the big C word, CURE.