Tuesday, February 11, 2014

And on to a happier note... sharing my story of faith, survivorship, healing and hope


A VERY BIG national magazine with a HUGE readership contacted me! They are considering running an article that I submitted to them awhile back. I won't say which pub it is because I don't want to jinx anything. But they asked me for some very specific photos. So today I rushed off and did a photo shoot. I had never done a shoot quite like that one and it was very fun! Tomorrow I'll be sending them many of the photos they've requested. I hope they like them and I hope I make the cut!! If not, I'll keep plugging away to see where and how I can share my story elsewhere. I think I have a powerful story to share-- one of hope, resilience, faith, survivorship, healing-- all done with a lot of panic and a lot of humor, too. Brave, so many people call me. I call myself "a fighter; what are the options?"

Anyhow, loved the photo shoot. Loved writing the article. Let's hope that the combo is a good one! I'll keep you posted as I know more. Until then, here are some fun photos, which if they're not picked up by this pub, I'll certainly use elsewhere.

Besides, I'm writing an article about Obamacare that I'll be shopping around. I'll I'm waiting for his a call back from Senator Hatch's office for comment. Wish me luck it gets published somewhere.

My life's passion is bringing certain issues to the debate table. The only way I can do that is share my story and hope it resonates on some level. Health, healing, hope. That's what it all boils down to for me. That's where I believe I can make a difference and if my story moves that debate along, so be it.

Fun times.

All the best, my fearless readers. I love you guys! You keep me going-- all 15,000 of you. When I hit 20,000 readers, that's when I'm going to start turning my favorite posts into a book.