Saturday, February 15, 2014

Divorced Moms column is out! "How Getting Sick Helped This Divorced Mom Live Again"

Latest Divorced Moms column is out! Enjoy.

How Getting Sick Helped This Divorced Mom Live Again                      

By Lizzy Smith, Contributor - February 15, 2014                

I  am a cancer survivor. I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in January 2012 and immediately upon diagnosis, I left my alcoholic husband and moved two states away to enter treatment. The life that I once knew (career, family, home, dogs, San Diego) was over in an instant.

Prior to diagnosis, I realize how my priorities were all wrong. I spent the majority of my time on things that weren’t important at all. But it’s amazing how radically that changed once I knew I was sick and fighting for my life.

First, I became fearless. Other than my disease, I am afraid of nothing and no one else. It took a while for that concept to sink in, but sink in it did. Loud and powerfully. In the midst of massive chemo and emotional trauma associated with fighting my disease, I was also going through a horrific divorce. While it’s been over two years since I left him, the drama from this man has not stopped. The difference is that I simply don’t care anymore.

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