Sunday, February 9, 2014

Myeloma Crowd article: I'm Out of Wig Prison!

I’m out of (wig) prison!
Here's a photo with me and my girls and my favorite wig.
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I’m out of (wig) prison!

One of the hardest aspects of chemo is losing all your hair. And I mean, at least for me, all of it.
The first time I did my rounds of chemo pre transplant #1, I went to a salon about a week prior to when my nurses told me my hair would start falling out in clumps, and had it all shaved off. I decided that I would dictate when my hair would come out, not the chemo. It was oddly empowering in a way. My mom sobbed when the stylist shaved it all off. I was numb. I walked out wearing a wig that my friend and fellow cancer survivor, Linda, gave me. It wasn’t too bad looking.

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