Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Cure Panel Talk Radio: Yoga for Healing on Nov 7 (Yoga is one POWERFUL way to get through cancer treatments!)

The Cure Panel Talk Show

Cure Panel Talk Radio: Yoga for Healing - November 7
It should come as no surprise that yoga is one powerful way to make it through treatments-- even during chemo, transplant, post transplant and beyond. I am so excited to see this as an upcoming discussion on Cure Panel talk radio. On November 7 at 6pm ET, Dr Carol Horton will be talking about "Yoga for Healing" and three myeloma warriors will also share their stories and experiences on how yoga helped them through chemotherapy, stem cell transplant and treatments. Get more details on the show here (

Getting through treatment for Multiple Myeloma was very challenging and, really, I had it good when compared to others. I experienced extreme fatigue. There were days that I felt like I was floating and everyone seemed to be talking to me as if we were standing in a tunnel. I had horrific chemo brain. And my bones (especially my ribs) ached. And those were just the physical side effects. Psychologically, I was at times in denial, other times terrified, and confused, bewildered, angry, worried, hopeful, and everything in between. Of course, it didn't help that, in addition to being a newly diagnosed cancer patient, I was also contending with an awful divorce and a mean and hateful husband.

I coped with all of my side effects by eating very healthy, sleeping, taking lots of hot baths, praying, meditating, power walking when I could, and yoga. I discovered a Bikram yoga studio ( near my home and after one try, I was hooked. The peace and warmth (literally) was heaven sent. I learned to focus. I learned to heal and forgive and to purge negative energy from my body and soul.
If you're in any stage of fighting cancer (and many other chronic diseases) or are in serious need of mental and emotional healing or clarity, I highly recommending giving yoga a try. The benefits are countless and well documented.