Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My Big Question of the day

You know what made my day? Having to shell out a big chunk of money to the IRS in order to satisfy my ex husband's obligation to pay his taxes. I'm so angry. As if I have nothing better to spend my disability payments on but my high income earning, healthy ex husband. Geez, thanks, dear.

If I have to hear him one more time talk about his financial successes, I think I'm going to be sicker than I already am.

Over the past, say, six months or so, I've received many phone calls from the lien holders of his two cars that he isn't making his car payments on time either. In fact, at one point, one of the banks was preparing to repossess his car. I didn't pay any of his back payments but I did help out by giving them his correct address and phone number, which he "forgot" to give the bank.

Which makes me wonder: With all the many, many friends that Rob claims to have, why the heck are none of them helping him out in his financial crisis? Odd.

Sorry I had to have another little rant today. I think I'll take a break and meditate. Anything to calm my pounding heart.