Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Happy anniversary to me!

My anniversary
I just had my one year exam! I did my tandem stem cell transplants, took a three week break from all treatments (dangit I got to feel "normal" again and it was terrific), and started my one year of maintenance therapy. Well that one year just wrapped up and I had my appointment with Dr K last week.

The great news? Things look fabulous.

The bad news? Because my maintenance plan is working so fabulously, we're going to keep me on the same exact regimen for, who knows, forever? For another year? For...? To be determined. I'm young, I'm in excellent health (minus this pesky myeloma thing), and I can handle thalidomide (not everyone can say this, whooohooo I guess??), so let's just keep it going! Um, I'm not sure I should celebrate or cry over this one. I think I'll celebrate. Every day that things look good, heck, why not? I guess I'll need to cope with forever chemo brain and some days of unimaginable fatigue. I'll be nice to my body when that happens and forgiving of myself. I'll take naps, rest, and live each day to the best of my ability. That is what I can control so control it I will.

So, the question is, how should I celebrate this achievement? Some thoughts:

1. Buy a new car
2. Go on vacation to Jamaica
3. Go on vacation to Long Beach in a few days and hang out with my BFFs and favorite guy, William (and all the kids between us all)
4. Get a massage
5. Renew my monthly Bikram Yoga pass

Or a combination thereof. These kinds of decisions are very fun.
Holy hell I am happy about Obamacare and holy hell I think the federal government sucks because they cannot flippin' get their stupid web site up and running. I mean, totally expected. But how embarrassingly pathetic. So my insurance broker has found a work-around. We're submitting the application hard copy, which even if you do your application online, it's going to get signed off by someone anyway. And now that I know my new premium, it gives me great peace of mind. Maybe Obamacare will be a huge disaster but we have to start somewhere.

And, lastly, a little plug on two great movies we've seen in the past few days.
  • Gravity: We saw this on IMAX. It's more an "experience" than a movie but it was terrific.
  • Rush: Amazing. One of the best movies I've seen in a very long time. I definite and complete "highly recommend"
Tomorrow the girls are out of school for the next five days and we're hopping on a plane and flying to Long Beach. I can't wait!