Sunday, November 3, 2013

Douchebag Men's Club

The Douchebag Men's Club is reserved for those men who have an inflated sense of self, care about their own pursuit of pleasure above anyone else's, display a total lack of tact and decorum, have enormous character flaws as is evident in their actions, and, by society's standards, are complete and total assholes. Since I, Lizzy Smilez, am the membership director of this club, I get to decide who gains entry. It's not that easy, to be honest. A guy has to be, well, a complete and total douchebag. In addition to my ex husband, Rob the Great (Alcoholic), and former Senator and Vice Presidential candidate, John Edwards, let's welcome: 
"Joe": Joe's wife died several years ago after a valiant battle with breast cancer. A month later (yes, a month-- like 30 days!) he married the woman who worked at the funeral home who buried his wife. Holy flipping hell. Can we say tacky, thoughtless, selfish, stupid, and awful? His minor children (four of them) all moved in with their oldest sister and mostly cut off contact with their dad. He couldn't understand why. Um, hello Dumbass. And if there was a club for Deuchebag Women's Club, the woman who Joe married would be Honorary Chairwoman. What kind of woman steps into that mess? Shame on her for being his enabler. Yes, enabler. She enabled him to skip the grieving process, not heal, not focus on himself and his children, and, generally, piss on his wife's head. May they have many (un)happy years together. Two very sick people. Together. With a bunch of kids as the victims. Lovely.
Actor Kelsey Grammer: This guy is such an ass that it's hard to know where to begin. But I have copied below an article from that pretty much sums it up. Let's see-- the mother of your children gets cancer and where is awesome dad? Screwin' another woman! Who cares about the kids when Dad needs to have fun! Class act! Additionally, right after divorcing his wife, Camille, he remarried his girlfriend who was already pregnant. All I can say is, she married a very wealthy asshole but an asshole nonetheless. She'll be on the receiving end of his behavior and she'll deserve every ounce of it.
Ladies: Does size matter? Yes, it does! And I'm not talking penis size. Size of character matters. If a guy has just exited a relationship, do you really want to "go there"? The answer is, most emphatically, NO. What are you getting, really, if you do? An emotionally damaged guy. Sound good? Of course not! Not only are you going to be getting damaged goods, but you've got to ask yourself why your man isn't taking time to heal from his last relationship. Several adjectives come to mind, none of them good. And what is your role in this? You'll become nothing but a distraction and an enabler. Is that what you want to be? Of course not! Healthy relationships begin on solid ground, fresh, with full of hope and excitement-- not with the ex (or current) wife in the middle. I learned the hard way. My ex husband, Rob, had just exited his marriage-- and I mean by just a few weeks. I was the enabler. Now, granted, I didn't know-- Rob the Great (Alcoholic) lied to me about separation date. But I would never in a million years have ever dated a guy in the midst of such turmoil and chaos. And neither should you.

I don't think any of us ever wake up one day and say to ourselves, "I think I'd like to start dating a douchebag." Yet it happens every day. The best way to not get involved with such a man? Look for good character. Look for a man who has space between one relationship before jumping into one with you. Look for a man who displays emotional maturity, who values his mental health and wellness, and who is good, kind and honest to you. And, just so ya know... if you date such a guy, just realize that you're dating a deuchebag and you'll be on the receiving end of such duechery in no time.
So enjoy the article about Kelsey Grammer. What a piece of work. A guy who abandons his kids as he "enjoys" his new honey is a monster. And the woman he's with? Don't even get me started. (And, honestly, as I read this, all I could think of was "dang, this story sounds really super familiar to me." This isn't even debatable-- he's a... you guessed it... complete and total douchebag.)

Kelsey Grammer Hasn’t Seen His Children With Ex-Wife Camille In Six Months

Getty Images
Kelsey Grammer hasn’t seen his two children with ex-wife, Camille in over six months, including the time that the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star was in Houston undergoing surgery for cancer, is exclusively reporting.
Camille recently revealed on Twitter that she had reached out ex-hubby Kelsey’s camp, she doesn’t have direct contact with the Frasier starand that he never responded to her or the children. When asked by a fan if Kelsey had contacted her or the children about the cancer diagnosis, she responded,

“No, Kelsey has never contacted me or the kids about my health.”

However, has learned exclusively that “Kelsey hasn’t even seen Mason, 12, or Jude, 9, in over six months.

“The children remained in Southern California while Camille underwent a radical hysterectomy for endometrial cancer in Houston. She wanted the kids to remain in school, and they were well cared for. Kelsey didn’t see the children while Camille was in Houston for her cancer surgery,” a source said about the situation.

“He didn’t make any attempt to visit them, or have the kids come stay with him. He does call the kids, but it’s been a very long time since they actually saw their father.”

On October 29 Grammer, 45, was awarded a temporary restraining order to protect herself and her two children from Dimitri Charalambopoulos  after she claimed he was ”repeatedly slamming my head and face into the furniture” during a hotel altercation between the two on Oct. 16 in Houston.
The blonde beauty “will begin a grueling round of chemo and radiation in the next three weeks to treat the endometrial cancer. The good news is that Camille is young, and in very good health, and the cancer was caught early,” a source previously told Radar.

Sources tell Radar that Camille will likely undergo the chemo and radiation at a hospital in Southern California.

Her rep previously said, “The surgery went well and she is expected to make a complete recovery following a significant recuperation period.”

The kids “are doing remarkably well, given everything that is going on with their mom, but they miss their dad. Camille has always encouraged Kelsey’s relationship with the kids and wants him to be a part of their lives,” the insider added.

Kelsey’s rep denied the claim to Radar, telling us “Your sources are full of it and clueless as well.” (Lizzy's comment here: Even an asshole like Kelsey and his reps know what a total deuchebag he is and that his behavior is disgusting. I'd be denying it, too, because everyone knows this just isn't right.)