Thursday, May 30, 2013

My HCI shoutout

Today I went for my werkly velcade injection and labs. Because the girls are officially out of school for the summer (yeah!) I took them with me. While we waited for my lab results, we went upstairs for lunch. I don't recommend ever going to a cancer hospital, if you must, i highly recommend this one.

Here is the view.

It's as happy a place as something like that can be. Classical pianists in the lobby. Marble staircases. I don't think I've ever waited more than five minutes to be called back. Waters and refreshments. Really good food. When I was in the hospital, I had a room service menu that rivaled many expensive restaurants I've visited. I don't remember much of my hospital stay because I was so sick and out of it but I do remember ordering liberally off the menu because I was bored, and why not? Salmon, fruit smoothies, deserts, grilled veggies, omelettes... That's kind of all I can remember. I had a blue-ray in my room and a huge flat screen TV but I didn't watch any movies, I don't think.

There was a guest bed for my dad so I never had to sleep there alone. There were showers and laundry facilities for the caregivers.

Ok, so I don't mean to brag about a cancer hospital but kudos the Huntsman family (the father being a three time cancer survivor) for their gift to all us warriors. They deserve more than medals-- they deserve a special place in heaven and halos and wings.